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The Home of Aeromodelling in New South Wales

MASNSW Point Score Competition


The MASNSW Annual Point Score Contest continues from the original RCAS concept and the responsibility for its format and scoring was transferred from the Secretary to the Assistant Secretary some years ago. It was revised in 2005 to apply to the 2005 – 2006 season and onwards.

The Assistant Secretary also correlates and negotiates the Annual Point Score Competition Calendar dates with member clubs.


“To promote and recognise active competition within a discipline of flying Miniature Radio Controlled Aircraft”.


  1. Open to all current members of Clubs within this Association.
  2. Broadly based on the various competition types within the disciplines of Flying Scale, Gliding, Pattern (Aerobatics), Old Timer, & Sports Pylon. Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and Best Junior to be awarded in each category.

  3. Competitions that qualify for The Annual Point Score are to be evenly spread around the State where possible to allow all members fair access.

  4. The competition runs from January to December each year. Awards to be given out (if possible) at the Annual MAAA Life Members Dinner held in February in the following year.

  5. The Competition Calendar is a rolling Calendar - Clubs are to submit the desired dates of their proposed competitions for the coming year to the Assistant Secretary. It was reaffirmed in the December 2009 General Meeting that it is to to remain in a Rolling twelve month Calendar Format.

  6. The Assistant Secretary formulates the calendar and marks those that qualify as counting towards the point score with an Asterisk (*)

  7. Traditional Competition dates and venues are given priority and some negotiation will take place to avoid same day clashes. The emphasis is to help clubs get the maximum turnout to their event.

  8. There is no fee charged by MASNSW to hold a Point Score Competition. The Club negotiates with the Special Interest Group for that discipline if they wish to hold an “Open To All” competition.

  9. MASNSW affiliated Host Clubs or Organisations whose representatives are shown as the contact for the event in the MASNSW Point Score calendar and who forward the results of a Point Score competition to the Assistant Secretary within four (4) weeks of the event will receive a $50.00 cheque from the Association (see Scoring paragraphs 1 to 7).

  10. The scoring system awards points to those who compete in multiple competitions even if they come last on the day.


  1. Ideally scores for an event should start at 5000 points for a 1st Place and decrease from there proportionately to the last place getter. It is not mandatory for scores to be submitted this way but it makes the job much easier.
  2. The emphasis is on “having a go”. A competitor that has been in 5 events but has only placed in the top 10 can beat the competitor who only went in 2 events and came 1st.

  3. Not all events of a particular discipline have to be a Point Score Event, between 4 and 7 seems to be a good number. A cross section of events within a discipline is to be promoted; that is a for example a mix of 2 Metre Glider as well as Open Glider events to count for Glider.

  4. State Championship events do not necessarily have to count for the Point Score but may do so when there is only a few events of that discipline listed.

  5. Clubs submitting results should list the full name of the competitor as well as which club he belongs to. Eg. John Smith - WPMAC. This will clear up any duplication issues.

  6. Clubs are to clearly define if the competitor was a Junior at the time of the competition - Junior is defined as less than 18 years of age.

  7. The submission of scores to the Assistant Secretary can be by Email or Surface Mail. “Get it from the Website” is not acceptable.

ABN 120 886 840 90

Website Updates

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3. Draft Constitution now available on line.

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