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The Home of Aeromodelling in New South Wales

Approximate MASNSW Member Club Locations - 2013-2014

The map below indicates approximate locations only based on the postcode of the designated club representative. It does not indicate the actual location of the club. 

Hovering over a map pin will provide the name of the club and left clicking will reveal the name and phone number of the designated club contact. Alternatively, you can click on any club in the hypertext list below the map and a dialog box will open, pointing to the map pin designating the club and giving the contact details of the club representative.

Left click and hold anywhere on the map to pan left, right, up or down until the area you want is in the centre. Use the "zoom" bar on the left to narrow in to your area of interest. If necessary, pan again to centre the required area. 

MASNSW Inc Member Clubs

ABN 120 886 840 90

Website Updates

1. Link to the MASNSW Forum here 

2. 2013 Large Scale Racing Rules here

3. Draft Constitution now available on line.

4. MASNSW Inc fee structure here.


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